Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gauthier wastes no time

This guy's CH has moved to the front of his jersey.

I'm not sure how I feel about these things, but some of today's news:

  • Rumours of trades to come, mostly involving forwards because we've only got like three-quarters of a defenceman left. 
  • Dominic Moore is the newest new guy on the block, and we got him in exchange for a draft pick which the Florida Panthers will use, then develop, then inevitably trade away so maybe we'll see that player wear the CH sometime. RE: Dominic Moore. Who's dis guy?
  • Ben Maxwell is back in Hamilton, and he may or may not be happy to reunite with his other two-first-named teammates.
  • PK Subban has been called up. Sorry, let me rephrase that: Talented, bubbly, potential-laden Habs prospect who constantly acts like wearing this jersey is winning the lottery PK Subban has been called up. There's what, like 20 games left in the season? That's not enough time to become Rookie of the Year! (A title which I have held for a while, waiting for PK to fully develop, turn into the greatest thing ever, play a full season, amaze the universe and win the Calder.)
Pierre Gauthier's definitely got that new guy gung-ho attitude, that's for sure.

Also, Dave Stubbs was right: after getting a Mike Green puck to the back of the head, bleeding enough to make Quentin Tarantino smile, and leaving the game, Josh Gorges is the Black Knight. I know they said it wasn't a serious laceration, but he slept on it and practiced the next morning. That's hardcore.

4 days left to comment! We're at the halfway point, people, and it's not like there's nothing to talk about so get typing!

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