Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sunday (because I can't think of any good titles)

Bruins at the Bell Center today. Keep the hot streak going, Habs!

Due to the Sunday afternoon game (and yeah, the Super Bowl) Plus/Minus probably won't go up on Sunday night as usual, but I'm sure that you, our lovely readers, will have tons to read and talk about after the game.

You might have your Super Bowl menu all lined up, but if you're wondering what to eat during the game, I've got you covered.
Usually Sunday afternoon is the time that Italians have a huge lunch and stuff themselves (although, yes, we eat copious amounts of food all the time). In honour of Brian Gionta's awesome goal-scoring against the Penguins, I suggest pasta alla gigi. There's a recipe for it here that looks easy enough to make; you can use another kind of pasta if you don't like tortellini, I guess, but if you don't like tortellini then there's something wrong with you.

I would have tried to come up with a dish to spotlight the greatness of our Hamilton callups, but... you can't eat a bulldog.

Oh, and go Colts!

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