Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why *I* love the Olympics

There's something about watching guys in Olympic jerseys that strikes this "wooooow" reaction that I can't even explain properly (but you'll bet I'll try). It doesn't even matter who they're playing for.

It's not the weirdness you feel after someone's been traded and suddenly they're wearing colours that seem alien. It's actually quite the opposite, that those colours were the only ones meant to fit. It's this feeling that he's playing for something greater, bypassing the questions of how you fit him in the salary cap or seemingly 'questionable' point-per-game ratios. For two weeks, everyone just shuts up and watches the Games.

The "shuts up" part doesn't apply if you're mainly watching Team Canada (forgive me, you'll obviously realize that I'm not a one-team girl by now) where the worry is a result of Torino II. And the power play. And who's going to play on the power play. And who's not. And the most important part: WHY?! But hey, that's what the mute button is for (check the "guide to..." tag for more references on that).

Olympics time is also crazy time. Case in point: Czech-Slovakia at midnight, bedtime at 3, midterm assignment completion at 8. True story. I have the shopping-bag eyes and the possibly annoyed prof whose lecture had said eyes rolling back in my head just an hour ago to prove it.

The crazier part is that it's worth it, specific sport notwithstanding. Why yes, even figure skating. There's a fun element of team spirit in all the athletes that they all deserve to be there, no matter what country. They train together during the season, compete all year and even pump up the crowd for the gold medallist as they stand just one place lower on that makeshift podium. In hockey, the guys are teammates. Just pick a pair! Last night alone had Plekanec-Halak, Krejci-Chara, Fleischmann-Jurcina (yes I know the latter has since been traded from Washington, but I count it). They look forward to seeing what it's like to play each other and pulling each other's leg about who had the upper hand in the end. No doubt the competition element is fierce, but the eclectic little athlete family at the end will be able to exchange all sorts of memorable stories about the experience for years to come.


  1. One thing you almost touched upon that I completely forgot: no goalie rivalries! People just want to see their country's best players play.

  2. ....Aaaaaactually apparently the Habs boards are full of retards rejoicing in Halak!fail :|

  3. Okay, then maybe Team Canada is slightly better. I haven't heard any "why's THAT guy starting?" type of blabbery, but I also haven't looked for it.

  4. I love these Olympics in particular because I get to see Jagr, Forsberg, Fedorov, et. al. play again. And its sweet.

    And no matter what colour his jersey is or what greater power he's playing for, Chris Pronger is still a thug.


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