Monday, February 15, 2010

This is why we're hurt

I figured it out. I know why the injury fairy has it out for Montreal. And, as usual, it's a theory so crazy that it can't possibly be true. Or can it?

We were on the cusp of the Olympics when I started seeing the (extremely improbable) truth about the Habs' cavalcade of injurie. It's karma. And, unfortunately, it's something else the haters can blame on Bob.

Part of the reason why this whole Georges Laraque thing didn't work out, and why Bob Gainey ultimately decided to buy out his contract is because we never saw him. I haven't checked the stats, but I'm pretty sure he was only healthy for about fifteen minutes during the entire season and a half that he wore the CH (or, most of the time, didn't). His back injury was chronic and if I remember correctly, he was also plagued by the occasional pain elsewhere. Our strongman was physically the team's weakest link, and since Laraque and the team have parted ways, the injury karma has spread to the rest of the team instead of just disappearing. It's been less than a month since Big Georges was let go and we've seen a handful of major injuries since then, even more than we've become used to after The Year That Hurt. In about three weeks, Habs fans have witnessed Cammalleri's disgusting knee injury, Bergeron on injured reserve, Pouliot out, Gorges and Spacek bleeding from the head.

How is it that things got worse after the team tried to let go of a player who appeared to be holding everyone down?

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    It's a good theory, btw.


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