Saturday, April 30, 2011

Best tweets of the first round

(Plus/Minus for the first round is forthcoming.)
Since it's my role on the radio to talk about the Internet, I tried to keep track of as many crazy reactions to the playoffs as I could. So here are a few of my favourites, because I want to celebrate just how much fun hockey fans had during the first round:

The next person to tell me the odds are against the , I will promptly break out into Phil Collins' 1984 smash hit, 'Against All Odds'.

@ Did Mara give everyone pointers on how to grow facial hair? 

A bit of Phoenix love, because we might as well: 

 Paul Bissonnette 
Actually 1 last tweet. Thanks to all the yotes fans out there cheering us on. Going to be a tough series. love the support tweets.

 Meghan Herlihy 
The children were nestled all snug in their beds, with visions of Stanley Cups dancing in their heads.

 Sammy Mayers 
If there is anything better than overtime playoff hockey, please tell me.
(Yeah. It's when your team wins the overtime.) 

remember when pricey won his first series as a rookie? :')

Lump in throat.Heart pounding. Butterflies in stomach. Must be gameday. GO HABS GO

Getting to work early so I can leave at a regular time because it's game day. 

 Eternal Pessimist 
I haven't understood the word 'calm' since April 2008......
(Neither have I!)

I think 'Haters Gonna Hate' is my Playoff phrase for 2011.

Kaberle looks lost in the playoffs, wonder why?

 fake ass canada pig 
reason why hockey is cool # 42655 - jaroslav spacek's face

 Max Harris 
Carey Price just went inside the mind of a Greg Jennings: ''I put the team on my back!'' 

 kristi lawrence. 
"Boston Police start investigation into robbery of first game of 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs. The game was believed to have been stolen by Carey Price. Accessory to the crime was believed to be one Brian Gionta. Stay tuned for updates."

Guys, Gomez is new Kovalev. We'll love him in playoffs and wonder where the heck THAT guy was during regular season. 

 David Zeile 
I just jaywalked through downtown Philly traffic in order to high five a guy in a Caps jersey on the other side of the street. Solidarity.

 K Clifford Fan Club 
Charlie Sheen has tiger blood... Kyle Clifford has a tiger in his backyard that he swings around by the tail when he's bored

Les stats ne sont que des références historiques. Ce qu'a pu accomplir une équipe dans le passé n'a aucune incidence sur le futur.

 Andrew Bernier 
Duncs is going Inigo Montoya on Torres tonight. Guaranteed. "Hello! My name is Duncan Keith! You injured my partner! Prepare to die!"

 Wrap Around Curl 
I love Vancouver/Chicago games. It's like watching a couple loudly break up in public.

 Stephanie Rossi 
T-minus 42 (long) minutes for Habs n Bos Game 6 nail bitting,colored words,drinking,shot nerves,heartattacks n launching stuff at TV. 

Tums, check. Pepcid AC, check. Gravol, check. Suicide prevention hotline #, check. Ok, ready for the  game.

 Robin Dingwell 
It's official, when Ryan White has skates on, "giving a fuck" is not in his dictionary ...   

 Down Goes Brown 
I would marry a man made out of the first round of the 2011 NHL playoffs.

I don't mean to name favourites but I really, really liked these:

 Eric Koreen 

actually thought to myself: "if Ignatieff doesn't win next Tuesday, Harper's going to have all the momentum going into Game 7."

 Kid Canada