Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Washington @ Montreal 2-10-10

This is a shirt I wanted, but will have to hold off on buying, at least for tonight. The good thing is that it can apply to more than one Tomas, and that I can deal with.

Since I had a pre-game responsibility of another nature all day and missed out on the game preview, I come to you now with a live blog. Quick bullet points before puck-drop:
  • Carey Price finally gets some ice time in goal, facing Michal Neuvirth, who has 4 wins in his last 4 starts. Washington's got a ridiculous win-streak going if you haven't heard about it by now (14). Also the same number of points separating them from the 2nd place Devils last I checked.

  • Alexander Semin has five game-winning goals, and he and his buddy Tomas Fleischmann (see shirt design) were a lethal double-team last time they faced the Habs, which I missed, which is good, as both of them happen to be part of my extracurricular Enjoyable Hockey Players and I'm not allowed to enjoy them in such a context.

  • Mike Green is back after nearly decapitating Kladno native Michael Frolik, so you can bet I'll be one of the ones looking on pretty skeptically.

First period notes:

  • Holy quick start, Batman. Gomez allows Tom Pyatt to get his first NHL point. Penalty upcoming, though.
  • This game is happening faster than I can type it. 1-1, Brooks Laich with the goal from the infamous two extracurriculars.
  • I've lost track of which Hamiltonians are here and which aren't.
  • First time I actually see the "C" on Ovechkin. I feel like there should have been more fanfare around that.
  • Maxwell to the box for hooking. The only thing fun about that is his caption which says "Benjamin."
  • I just realized the ridiculous amount of hockey I have to follow tonight.
  • Gionta and Pleks shorthanded 2 on 1 ruined by my favourite Kladno-killer.
  • Hope Tom Pyatt can provide some energy in this game (not that it's currently lacking.)
  • RT (yes, in a blog) @All_Habs: Bell Centre seats seem to filled, but sounds like game is in Atlanta.
  • Semin in the box. Capitalizing on the Capitals? ...We'll never know. Gionta goes off with a penalty of his own.
  • ....Josh? Yikes.
  • The place seems to have gone completely dead. Kudos goes to the Capitals for their response to that injury. End 1st.

(Intermission: all I seemed to notice was the "Krispy Kernels" ad behind Jacques Demers' head.)

Second period notes:

  • PYATTTTTTTTTT!! First point and now first goal in the NHL. Assists to O'Byrne and Gomez.
  • ...And Washington's use of the classic tic-tac-toe ensures their ridiculously-quick response to THAT.
  • Desharnais' turn. Soon, please? Or I'll need more wine.
  • Maybe Pleks' line could stop being offside sometime soon?
  • Since when is Ovie anti-McGill?
  • Goalie change, just as my mother (the one who keeps reminding us Jose Theodore exists) comes downstairs. Coincidence? I think not. Also nice timing for the fans to wake up in this game.
  • Habs to the powerplay! It's about time. Don't ruin it now.
  • First half looks like a powerfail. Second half has some nice passes but no finish.
  • "OMG. omg. OMG! omg. (pause) whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!" - the most coherent translatable reaction to the Pyatt line's barrage, all stopped by Theodore.
  • Brendan Morrison to the box on that play. Hopefully less of a powerfail will result...
  • Pleks hits the side of the net, aaaaaaaaaand DESHARNAIS' 1ST NHL POINT. Unless Toronto decides otherwise.
  • Not so. Glen Metropolit does indeed record his 12th goal of the year. How long before the Caps respond to this one?
  • Sergei Kostitsyn and Maxim Lapierre team up and give the Caps more of a challenge. 4-2 Habs. Good on them!
  • HALA--err. The Price is Right!
  • Kinda wish the Habs would save their best for every team, not just the throne-holders of the league.
  • Well. That goal was a ball-buster. Everybody into the net?....Waved off. Wow.
  • Ryan O'Byrne was rude and will have a two-minute time-out.
  • Pleks looked like he wanted to have a little rest on Ovie's shoulder listening to that explanation.
  • PING.
  • Update on Gorges via Twitter (might also have been from the TV but my parents have been conversing loudly as part of their own liveblog): RT @All_Habs: Gorges with scalp laceration, lost fair amount of blood but will be ok.
  • PLEKS! Sweet pass from Sergei and ladies and gentlemen, we have chicken wings! End 2nd.

Third period notes:

  • 13 seconds. And 3 seconds after that, it's 5-3 on Mike Green (him again)'s 14th of the year. Numerical irony there if you can spot it.
  • "There goes Pyatt's GWG," - Rookie. Good point, sadly made :(
  • PING.
  • Sergei K has been silently kickass this game. Right there, he was loudly kickass.
  • "Potty?" - my brother on Washington's #3. I haven't been paying attention to see if RDS still calls him that.
  • "MAKE SOME NOISE!" Yeah. Maybe something other than chanting poor Theo's name. (I was a fan, okay)
  • ...damnit. On second thought, maybe you can resume that taunting.
  • Uh oh. 5-4. And now RDS is all over O'Byrne.
  • Boyd Gordon sounds like a cheesy superhero name from one of those shows you'd find on Teletoon Retro.
  • Ovechkin. Go away.
  • Youppi sitting where he does in the third period irritates me. If you know me well this isn't the first time you've read this. (To quote Christian Bale, the words "it's fucking distracting!" come to mind)
  • Another powerplay (or powerfail?) ... answered by one Hal Gill.
  • I reinterate the point I made three bullet points ago.
  • My mom just said a bad word. In French.
  • Fleischmann, how dare you even try.
  • My dad just said a bad word. In French. (But seriously, was that really a non-call? Poor Gionta.)
  • .......
  • From a score that was 5-2, RDS shouldn't be tipping their hat to the Habs getting a point. They also gave one away.

Overtime (...) notes:

  • My dad's "affection" for Ovechkin can be resumed in the word "hotdog."
  • Someone be my hero. Someone whose jersey isn't dominantly white. Please.
  • The Halakisms are on their way back in the fans' vocabulary already. Where's the justice in that? I don't see any.
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY HERO WAS MY HEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. (My poor dog has run for the hills.)
  • I can't formulate any other comment, other than my joy at my post picture being ironically relevant. So I leave it up to you. Habs win! 6-5 in OT!


  1. Ironic thanks go out to the reporter who, yesterday, asked Josh how he felt about being one of the few Habs to play in all 60 games this season.

  2. How ridiculous is it that Price hasn't played in 5 games and when they decide to put him in it's against the highest scoring team in the league. Me complaining about this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact i have Price on my fantasy team.

  3. What makes me happier?
    A wicked(like, really wicked) goal by Lapierre? Good news about Gorges? Or chicken wings?

  4. Pretty sure i heard you scream from here =P

  5. I don't Laich some of the Caps for forcing overtime in this game, but I'm SO glad that Plek cranked one out before a shootout was needed.

  6. How about ironic thanks to the announcer who (while Josh in one the ice BLEEDING FROM THE HEAD), mentions that Green has "one of the most lethal shots in the league". Excellent choice of words buddy.
    Also, will match total donations from comments :) No thanks needed, just tell O'B about it lol!


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