Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The injury fairy's got it out for us

Would it help if we said nice things about the injury fairy? Can we somehow build up good karma and have her hurt some other team? Can she maybe bang up Crosby a bit after the Olympics?

Both Bergeron and Pouliot are said to be out for about six weeks. I seriously don't know how these things keep happening to us. Ugh.

At least the Mike Cammalleri injury song still applies: Two weeks off for the Olympics, less time without some key players.

Okay, complain about how much it sucks/wonder whether Tom Pyatt is going to kick as much ass as we hope he will in the comments below. I know the "Comments" link at the end of each post is tiny, but that's no excuse!
(Big thanks to bMac over at The NHL Arena Forums for the graphic!)


  1. All I gotta say is TGFO...Thank God for the Olympics. GET HEALTHY MANAGIA

  2. Fight fight fight through adversity!

  3. I'm commenting!!!

  4. Can't wait to cheer for Team Canada to win the gold! Go for gold!


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