Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Canada makes up for lost game

(written as I hear fans chanting Olé Olé at the women's bobsleigh event)

Final score of 8-2.

I thought Germany was a formidable opponent, as everyone in my house who heard me say "I forgot Christian Ehrhoff was on this team, we're so f**ked" at puck drop can attest to. Ultimately, our Canadian men got themselves together and knew exactly what they had to do to rebound from Sunday's USA game.

See? All your worries, Internet people, were for naught. Which is a good thing, because if our goaltending needed an extra push I definitely didn't want it to come in the form of a tacky Ryan Miller-style goalie helmet makeover.

Our defencemen made themselves very visible tonight, and our star forwards did not disappoint, unless you count Sidney Crosby's fail on that penalty shot. (I'm going to get all kinds of hate mail for using the words "Crosby" and "fail" together, aren't I?) Personally, I would have liked to see Rick Nash take the shot since he'd have been ready for it, but Mike Babcock knows what he's doing.

After being the victim of some whining after Sunday's game, Jarome Iginla again proved why he's the reason I started watching hockey in the first place. His powerful shot, off a great play by Staal and (I think) Boyle, was my favourite goal of the night. And with eight goals to choose from, that's saying something. For the men's team I mean. Don't get all offended, female Team Canada. You know you own this town.

Tomorrow, our men's team plays Russia.
The day after, our women's team meets the Americans in the gold-medal game.

It's on. It is so on.

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