Friday, February 12, 2010

One Flyers game over and done...

Remember what I said about the Flyers playing ugly? That was your proof. If it wasn't for my recently reignited Olympic fever I'd probably be swearing a lot right now.

First things first: I seriously hope that Jaroslav Spacek will be all right. It's never easy to see one of your defencemen bleeding from the head. Nope, not even when it happens twice in one week.
The Flyers are a ridiculous excuse for a hockey team. This is why I hate them. I like punching and everything, but there's a reason why I watch hockey and not boxing.
Carey Price's athletic jump over a net-crashing ball of Philadelphia Flyer was worthy of every highlight reel there is in sports.

But let's get to what I really want to talk about. Someone I've been on TV with (through the magic of editing).

P.K. Subban's play tonight proved exactly why he was called up and why I wanted him to stay in the AHL just a little bit longer.
He's good. He's so damn good.
He does little spin moves and he gets around the ice with the ease of a guy who's been in the NHL for much longer than just one game. He's got one hell of a shot. I can't believe how well he's adapted to the big league with only one day's notice.
His positive attitude has already made him a fan favourite, so I don't even think I need to go into that.
He's going to learn a lot from Hal Gill, who's experienced, a Stanley Cup winner, and reputed to be a very nice guy. If he sticks around long enough to spend some time with Andrei Markov, P.K's going to be an even better defenceman for it. Same goes for Roman Hamrlik, although I wouldn't recommend putting the team's most enthusiastic player on a line with its biggest chatterbox.

I'm trying not to count my chickens before they hatch here because maybe, as I've been thinking for a while, Subban would be even better if left to incubate a little longer, but he was third star in his first NHL game. He's a great prospect and he'll make a great player someday. Or tomorrow.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, Michael Leighton should be very grateful that I won't be anywhere in his vicinity tomorrow because he'd get it. I don't know how much damage a 5'6" girl like me could do on a professional hockey player, but my tiny fists would rain down on him. I'm especially angry that he tried to mess with PK, but what kind of goalie decides to take part in a post-game fight when it's nearly over and just picks out the closest guy to mess with for no reason, especially if he's a rookie that he has no previous beef with?

(PS: Happy Olympics, everyone. Go Canada Go.)

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