Tuesday, February 9, 2010

... Still talking about Bob

I just read Réjean Tremblay's article in today's La Presse about Bob Gainey resigning, and despite getting just a little too francophone-happy toward the end (he's tickled that our new GM is named Gauthier) it's actually quite tasteful and balanced. I would have expected a bunch of inflammatory comments from one of the city's more biased reporters, but M. Tremblay actually managed to be kind of journalistic about this whole ordeal. Good job, guy.

One thing I can't seem to get off my mind: If Gauthier was Gainey's assistant GM, and Gainey is staying on as a consultant, are things going to change or are we just going to point the same fingers at a different man?

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  1. Gauthier better not sleep on Plek. If he goes to July 1st as a free agent, he isn't coming back. His agent said as much. Either they start looking at trading options and a replacement through trade (Nathan Horton? Peter Mueller?) or re-sign him at a hometown discount...now.


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