Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why I love the Olympics

I might not love the Olympics because figure skating came on after yesterday's hockey game. I used to love watching figure skating, but I also used to love the majority of YTV's programming. People move on. I can't be expected to hang on every jump that Patrick Chan makes if I have Jarome Iginla in my life.

I do love the Olympics because our women's hockey team is almost a little bit too good right now. Sweden played a good first game on Saturday, but they kind of got steamrolled today. I'm almost inclined to say they're better than the men (who were fantastic yesterday), but I'll save those statements until the Olympics are over.

I would have gone to the Olympics (and really almost did) not just for the sports events, and the free Our Lady Peace concerts, and the history aspect of it, but also to trade all kinds of nifty stuff with other tourists. I hadn't even thought of it until Dennis Kane shared a picture of a fantastic Habs pin he got from a friend in Russia.
(The rest of the world loves the Habs too. Really!)

If you're still not too convinced about this whole Olympics thing (you know, like if you run the NHL or something) have a look at this top ten list of reasons for Habs fans to love the Olympics.

Unrelated, but if you need a giggle, here's an event that we apparently missed at Concordia:

Today!! Vegan Iron Chef
Based on the cult Food Network TV Show, a team of student chefs will challenge a celebrity Iron Chef to prepare the most delectable dishes in an hour to be judged by a celebrity panel composed of Concordia President Judith Woodsworth, and professional athlete Georges Laraque. 


  1. Veganism makes Bobby Flay and Mario Battali cry.

  2. Wish I had been at that vegan food thing!! A and b, I don't really like the olympics...


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