Monday, April 5, 2010

Plus/Minus tries new things

Happy Easter Monday, everyone. (Yes, chocolate is probably on sale, and no, I won't be offended if you want to read this later and run out to buy some right now.)
This week, as usual, was full of ups and downs, complaints and cheers, and is ripe for the plus-minus treatment, but I thought I'd try switching it up a little instead of lumping all the Pluses and Minuses together. (I guess this is my week of trying everything, what with my last post being one of the angriest things I've written on this blog to date).

A PLUS goes out to Jaroslav Halak, posting shutouts on two consecutive days and being named the NHL's first star of the week...
but a MINUS to everyone who's still acting like he doesn't get star treatment. The city loves him! And for good reason! Hello? What newspapers are these people reading? (Or writing for?)

A PLUS goes out to Dave Stubbs for saying what Jacques Martin should have said and supporting Carey Price, both online and in print, after a good game where he got booed...
but a MINUS to the geniuses who booed their own player in the first place, because they're clearly going to the Bell Centre for all the wrong reasons, and then sending negative comments to Mr. Stubbs, who is clearly not a chimp, a douchebag, or a poser, but I can think of some people in the cheap seats who are.

A PLUS to some great goals by Plekanec, Pyatt, Bergeron, Fancy New O'Byrne, and Sergei Kostitsyn...
BUT I kind of wish there could have been more. At least the team scored more than they let in? Yay?

A PLUS to the Bulldogs for having a kickass season and roaring into the playoffs, and to the PK Subban  for making it to the AHL's All-Rookie team...
but a MINUS to everyone who's ready to call him up, make him Habs captain and all this business. These are the same people who point out the flaws in our player development and who've screamed for blood when a younger player disappoints, and I'm a little worried they might just be perpetuating the cycle. We've got a great young defenceman who's talented enough and getting better by the minute and just generally likeable, but calling him up too early could lead to the same old story. Let's not count our PK's before they hatch, and see what happens in the months before next season starts. You know, since this season isn't even over yet.

A PLUS to the Olympic medallists who were honoured this week at the Bell Centre. It's nice to see them now that they're done their World Championships.
It would have been nice to see them get some free swag or maybe a handshake from an assistant captain, but a warm Bell Centre welcome is pretty good too, considering how prone to booing some fans are. I mean come on, some of them only won ONE gold medal. If that's not enough to make a drunken idiot start booing, then I really don't know what is.

I've got to let my poor laptop cool down a little (send any cooling pads to: but... last week of the regular season. I know you're excited. I am too.
Pictures yoinked (mostly) from Habs Inside/Out and

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