Monday, April 12, 2010

Get Ready For The Playoffs

Last year, the first day of the NHL playoffs came along, and The Gazette had yet to post Habs Inside Out's handy-dandy playoff bracket, jazzed up with official team logos.

How is anyone supposed to watch the playoffs without a bracket? So, I did what any completely crazy person would do if they had a spare hour. I made my own. I used a picture of one player from every playoff team that I liked - with some obvious problems arising in teams I hate. The Philadelphia Flyers, for instance, were represented by Will Smith, because there's no Flyer I like as much as, Roberto Luongo or Jarome Iginla.

This year's bracket is a little more chaotic than last year's, but that's because I decided to go all out for you guys. So, without further ado... Rookie and Google Image Search present...

The 2010 Playoff Bracket!
Right-click and open the image in a new window to see it full-size. It should print out on a single letter-size sheet (make sure you're landscape-oriented).

All the excitement of the first round on one sheet:

You've got Sharks vs. Avalanche, ready for a fight;
A Hawk and a Predator, ready to... predatorize each other;
Johnny Canuck vs. the King;
~czechtacular favourite Adrian Aucoin, looking to stop Pavel Datsyuk;
Two guys whose friendship will have to be put aside for a few games;
Philly's crazy wig man trying to steal David Puddy's Jesus-fish;
Buffalo vs. bear (from the "rejected Metric lyrics" category);
and of course Pens vs. Sens. Yes, it rhymes.

Happy playoffs, hockey fans!

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