Monday, April 12, 2010

Them's fightin' words

What happened today:

Allegedly, Sheldon Souray asked the Edmonton Oilers for a trade. Doesn't someone report this like once a month? (And if Gauthier wants him back will the Oilers take Scott Gomez? What? Who said that?)

The Tampa Bay Lightning fired both their GM (the weird-looking Brian Lawton) and their coach (the terrifying Rick Tocchet). Wow. The Florida Molsons must be very, very angry. They're going for a complete change from the ground up, in order to become a "world-class organization." Yeah, that'll happen.

And Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau met with media this morning and talked about his postseason strategy and the team he'll try to beat in the first round:

"That's the only game in town," Boudreau said of the Canadiens in Montreal. "They don't have to split it up and have the Nationals on some of the pages, the Wizards on some of the pages, the Redskins and [the Capitals]. It's Montreal. It's the Canadiens. It wouldn't surprise me if there's a ten-page spread come Wednesday and Thursday."
Ouch. Really, Boudreau? You decided to bring the Nationals into this? That's a low blow. Thanks for reminding this city that you've got our baseball team.

Actually, that smug, new-girlfriend kind of attitude is probably exactly what a team needs behind the bench when the Stanley Cup is at stake.

But seriously, ouch.

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  1. More fighting words in this Plekanec/Theodore dustup... I wonder if it'll lead to anything on the ice!


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