Monday, April 19, 2010

Awards season starts

The nominees for this season's Vézina Trophy (that's best goaltender... I'll memorize all these Trophy names, I promise!) came out today.

Wow, the NHL really stretches this out. Usually awards nominations are just one big press conference, so I guess in my head the announcement would have been one event and that's it, not one category per day, to keep you waiting. If this were Hollywood, it would just be a podium, a couple of LCD screens, a short but boring welcome speech by Bettman, then on to two personalities (one hockey-related, like a Jeremy Roenick, and someone there for a little star power, like a Joshua Jackson, or since this is sports it would probably be just some random pretty girl) to make the announcement and maybe crack a joke or two.

Okay, the nominees:
Martin Brodeur, New Jersey Devils. No real surprise there. Some people have been saying his age is going to start showing but... come on. He's the Meryl Streep of goalies.
Ryan Miller, Buffalo Sabres. I'd shake my fist at him, because that's what I usually do, but that's exactly why he's nominated here. No surprise he's in the top three, as he's had a dynamite season.
Ilya Bryzgalov, Phoenix Coyotes. This is the only surprise here for me, since I didn't think he's as much of a heavyweight as his contemporaries, but he's part of the reason why Phoenix is in the playoffs (and doing quite well) instead of being left to the side like some team nobody wanted.

Oh, and more good news? Glen Metropolit is back, so his eight-week recovery period really only lasted three weeks. The guy is magic or something, I'm convinced. He'll be taking Sergei Kostitsyn's spot on the ice - yes, one day after I gave coach a plus for not scratching Sergei.

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