Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Game 4 preview: Guess who's back?

No, not Paul Mara's beard

Carey Price will be starting in goal tonight.
Wow, it feels like I haven't typed those words in years. Proof that our Jaro is worth the ink he gets, but maybe just not ready for so many consecutive playoff games. (But that shouldn't be surprising... if the playoffs were easy for a goalie, then New Jersey would have won more than one game out of four.)

Did I just accidentally insult three people in one paragraph? ...That's bad.

Anyway, I'm getting ready for some hockey and gourmet burgers, so here's the beef:
Price and the non-Skeletor mask in net. By the way, it's one of the biggest stories on I thought that was pretty interesting.
Ryan O'Byrne gets to put some skates on, and maybe bust some Caps.
Mathieu Darche is a scratch, but with about three minutes of play in Game 3, that won't be much of a change.
Jaroslav Spacek and Scott Gomez missed the morning skate... Spacek is either mildly injured or watched Glee and Lost last night and can't concentrate on anything else. Unconfirmed rumours that he and Gomez spent this morning on MSN, exchanging OMG's. (Too many abbreviations, I know. I'll stop. I have dignity. I'm not Gossip Girl.)
I'd be willing to bet money that Semyon Varlamov is going to be Boudreau's guy for a while, so the boo-birds will have to wait a bit longer for a 60-minute round of Theo booing.

In other league news:
The Selke Trophy, for best defensive forward (or something of that nature) will be awarded to either previous winner Pavel Datsyuk, previous nominee Ryan Kesler, or guy that might have been nominated before but I don't remember, Jordan Staal.
The Lady Byng Trophy, awarded to the player who best balances being a good hockey player and being a good guy, will be handed to either Pavel Datsyuk (he's like Jeremy Piven and Best Supporting Actor awards), Brad Richards, who is not the same guy as Brad Richardson, or Martin St. Louis, who will probably be the focus of RDS reporting tonight. (It's OK! I'm okay with that!)
My nemesis (one of them, as I have many) got to meet gentleman and scholar Dave Stubbs, and I have yet to meet him, so I'm pretty angry about that, but it's not like there's anything I can do about it.

The Bulldogs also have a playoff game tonight, so there isn't much left to say...
Go Bulldogs!
Go Habs Go!

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