Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Not Easy Tonight

A little mood music... but the video is terrible. Just so you know.

What's the opposite of home-ice advantage?

Whatever was fuelling the Habs in Washington might have been lost in transit. They just weren't as "on" tonight as they had been in the first two games, and the Capitals just kept pushing, so a final score of 5-1 wasn't surprising. For the first time in this series, the Canadiens looked like they were going to lose.

The game could have gone better. But this series is getting more and more violent as it goes on. I haven't screamed "GOALIE INTERFERENCE!" at my TV that many times in a very long time. The Caps aren't just trying to outscore the Habs, they're trying to mess them up mentally and physically. (Maybe because of the Habs' strong start?) That's probably not going to change. We'll be seeing a lot more penalties, won't we?

It's hard to believe that Scott Gomez apparently got one five minute penalty in his entire career, before Saturday. (Really? That dude played for the Rangers. Somehow only one major penalty is a little hard for me to believe) He's racked up fifteen penalty minutes in the last two games. At least the fight that led to his penalty got everyone good and angry, and we got a goal out of it.

Requisite goalie-related comment: It was a rough game, and Halak had to be pulled. It wasn't him. The team as a whole wasn't playing well; it wasn't necessarily the goaltending. That being said, Price was solid. I expected him to be a little rusty, but that was old-school Carey Price we saw tonight. Hot damn. Now if only this team can regroup, get aggressive, and throw it all back at the Capitals.

Habs are turning the tables!

Plus of the night: Seeing Jean Beliveau in the stands. I'm so happy that he's in better shape!
Minus of the night: Seeing empty seats in the stands. What kind of humanoid would spend that much money to go to a playoff game, in seats that so many people wish their asses could warm, and then just up and leave? If you care about a team enough to shell out for playoff tickets, you STAY. If you don't stay, just don't go at all.

Tomorrow: The nominees for the Selke Trophy are announced. The media speculates who'll be in nets for Game 4. Mike Knuble hopes he doesn't run into me, because no one messes with a Montreal goalie without some screaming from Rookie.

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