Monday, April 12, 2010

Last Plus/Minus before the playoffs

82 games later, and this city is still wondering what to expect from its legendary hockey team.

Well, we can definitely expect to see the Washington Capitals this week. No, we don't know what will happen. The love-hate relationship between fans and players continues, as our Habs just barely made it into the playoffs, almost out of spite. (I kind of want to see them win the Cup this year and have a team leader, exhausted and battle-weary, lift up the Stanley Cup and shout "Is this enough for you, jackasses?")


+ We made the playoffs!
+ Bill McCreary is one of my favourite game officials. (I can't name very many others, but I defy you to find a more even-tempered referee with a better mustache.) I'm quite happy that the NHL asked him to Brett Favre it and work for at least one more year.
+ Guy Boucher is the AHL's best coach, his first year in the league? Excellent.
+ to Steven Stamkos for tying Sidney Crosby as the NHL's best goal-scorer this season. (Don't worry, Ovie, you were still the first to reach 50 goals this season. And last season.)

Coach: you look how I feel.

- Okay, seriously, team? There were some excellent moments in this week's games but I would have preferred not to sneak into the playoffs by the back door. I'm hoping the Habs were just storing up some energy for the coming weeks. We're playing a team who hopped the express train to the postseason, whereas the Habs got there by... suburban public transit.
- The Leafs just love to screw with us, don't they? They lost the Rangers game that they should have won, and then decided to beat the Habs in OT (way to twist the blade, Dion Phaneuf), just to make sure to do their part in our squeak into the postseason.
- I've got to be honest. Lately, Jacques Martin hasn't really been as reassuring as a confident coach should be. The only big risk he's taken is starting Halak all week after some losses, but that's about as risky as ordering soup instead of salad.
- If the rumours are true that those guys in charge of the Flames want to rid themselves of Jarome Iginla, then they deserve a Darwin Award. I'll get the campaign going right after I make sure Pierre Gauthier makes Iginla a Hab.

Playing a team that I like in the first round of the playoffs. Last year when the Capitals played the Penguins in the playoffs, I told everyone I'd be okay with the results no matter who won. Then the Penguins eliminated the Caps, and I was not a happy little girl.

We'll see what happens, I guess.

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