Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hopefully not a season finale

If this hockey season had been a TV show, it would have a pretty good showrunner.

They're keeping us guessing until the last second: will we get that last crucial point? (Yes, because this isn't, like, Dexter where they can just kill off a character and call it a season.)

This season has come full circle: A team with the kind of players you'd need to be successful isn't a certainty to win. No one knows quite what to expect from this lineup. The only certainty is that the Leafs suck.

Sounds an awful lot like the season premiere. Um, I mean game 1. (With a different goalie, because new love interests tend to come along and characters or fans can get all doe-eyed and buy new shirts - happens on TV all the time!)

Let's hope game 82 is as awesome as game 1. Go Habs Go!

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