Monday, April 26, 2010

Some people eat their words. We eat dessert.

We're all about food here at HIHW. Hockey and stuff too, but who doesn't love food? And it's been a while since I made a food recommendation, so here it is.
The superstitious/gluttonous part of me wanted to tell you that I followed through on one of my best ideas lately... Stanley Cupcakes.
That was my first, slightly pathetic attempt at cupcake decorating. I'm practicing (yes, it's very funny that the word "practicing" has "icing" in it), and eventually my cupcakes will look a little less sad. They taste great, and the Habs won on Friday, when they were decorated, so maybe there's something there. The maple leaf ones were made in honour of Friday's Olympic parade, and no, I have no idea why the leaves look so much better than the numbers.

My second slightly pathetic attempt, the Vancouver Canupcakes, were made and eaten right before the Canucks' series-winning game last night. I might make some for other teams as well... not the Flyers.
What better way to celebrate (and send good vibes to) talented athletes than with artery-clogging baked goods?


  1. Confession: I was pretty lazy this go-around, and I wanted to make something quick, so it was butter-pecan cake mix (delicious, and despite some type of milk-related ingredient in it, doesn't hurt my stomach) and store-bought frosting. Not the whipped kind, the creamy one! I like it better for decorating and texture.
    I used CakeMate Scribblers to write on them, so that I didn't have to use all of one colour at the same time... but I'll have to try stepping it up, I've got gel food colourings that I can't wait to use!

  2. Nothing wrong with boxed mix. I use the chocolate one every so often when I need a quick fix. Either way, they look yummy!!


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