Monday, April 26, 2010

One last callup

... and it's PK.

I can't help but guess that this is somehow going to be overwhelming. For who? I don't know yet.

By the way, Mike Boone has a brilliant list of rules for tonight's Game 6:

• No one shows up in blackface, wearing an Afro wig.
• No one boos the kid's first mistake.
• No one boos anyone in a red jersey.
• From the moment the Canadiens skate onto the ice, the barn resounds with more noise than has been heard since Saku came back from cancer.
• Stay positive for 60 minutes.
• The traditional opposition goalie-rattling cheer is a quote of what Bruce Boudreau called Semyon Varlamov: "STOO-PID  (rhymes with puck)!".
• Rock the Bell. The seventh man matters.
• No matter what happens in this game, the Canadiens skate off the ice tonight to thunderF.ous applause. This team has done the city proud.
 I like to think that the F in the middle of "thunderous" is there on purpose, to really drive the point home.

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