Friday, April 23, 2010

The greatest gift of all: Habs win Game 5!!!

Last year we thought about this (a little bit), but now it's confirmed: Pleks > Semin

I'm not going to lie. I danced a little after the Habs kept the Caps from scoring on any of their hundred power plays and won the game, without needing overtime to do so.
To be honest, there's one major reason why I wanted the Habs to win. Yes, they've had a pretty good season and they've been playing well enough to stick around just a little bit longer, and they're my favourite team, but I had an even better reason: today was my birthday. Really, it was!
I couldn't handle my team getting knocked out of the playoffs on my birthday. Last year, they were eliminated the day before my birthday. The year before that, Philly destroyed the Habs the day after my party. (Yes, hangover + major loss = no fun at all.) It would be just my luck to see my team out of the playoffs on the actual day of my birthday.
BUT THEY WON! And the team was quite solid overall... we saw some of the best we've seen lately out of Lapierre, Gill, and Moen, to name a few, and that's what I was really hoping to see.

All in all, a great Habs-Caps game and an Olympic celebration in downtown Montreal, it was a pretty good birthday.
Yes, don't worry, I took pictures at the parade. You'll see them.

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