Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Being traded sucks, but there's no snow in Cali

As czechtacular already mentioned, we at Hab It Her Way are saddened by the Kyle Chipchura trade because he didn't really get a fair shake and he was a great guy to his fans (and we care about our players beyond just what they do on the ice). Oh, and while this guy that we'll draft in the fourth round a year and a half from now might turn out to be great, we still have no idea what this draft pick will bring, and it sucks to be traded for the idea of a guy (maybe even more than it sucks to be pushed around like a commodity instead of a person). Plus, even though his performance this season wasn't always the best that we knew he was capable of, we were hoping to maybe read a few more goodbyes online today, but alas, Kyle Chipchura gets no four-hour requiem on RDS.

Best of luck to you, Chippy. Happy trails, Jay Leach. You're headed for sunnier skies.

Say hi to Saku Koivu and Joe Thornton, have a fish taco or two, and play your best, like Jason Schwartzman in that video.

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  1. I KNEW IT--you just wanted to say Jason Schwartzman in a context where you get it right :)))


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