Friday, December 4, 2009

(Another post) in preparation for the big 100th anniversary game

~czechtacular and I had wanted to come up with something original and awesome to say about the 100th anniversary, even though the city has been celebrating for a year now and we've been around for roughly a quarter of the team's century. It's not like we can add much to what's already been said (like today's insightful Habs Inside/Out coverage), having heard so much secondhand.

But it just dawned on me that the 100th anniversary marks our 29th game of the season, and a spark went off in my head:

Ken Dryden, our beloved #29. A goalie that may not have played during my lifetime but who I've grown to love simply by watching the occasional highlight or vintage game, because of his unbelievable, inexplicable presence in front of the net.

Since most of our readers like to stay readers and not comment (I won't bite, I promise!), I'm going to open this up: who are you remembering on this epic day? What's your favourite Habs story from the last century?

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  1. Hmm...I would say that I am remembering the Jets even though that's a whole team that isn't the habs...and My favourite Habs story is that awesome game I went to that is in the top ten games box-set...that's right baby!! Cue sticks and beer cups on!



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