Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Team Canada announced!

It took them 12 minutes to get through the introductory hoopla, but this is what's to be expected since Hockey Canada essentially promised us the gold medal this year.

We get photo and video montages of each player through their minor hockey years.

Martin Brodeur
Marc-Andre Fleury
Roberto Luongo

(I guess being named third was a result of Luongo's slow start to the season but I'm not at all surprised by the selections.)

And now, before they announce the skaters, they make us wait. Again.

Dan Boyle
Drew Doughty
Duncan Keith
Scott Niedermayer "C"
Chris Pronger "A"
Brent Seabrook
Shea Weber

(A lot of big names - at least in my opinion - are conspicuously missing, which disappoints me a little... Everyone told me that Niedermayer put off retirement for one more season just so he could play in the Olympics, and that he was a shoo-in for captain, thus stealing the C from Jarome Iginla. Can't complain about the variety, though: there are old guys and young guys, nice guys and jerks... we'll see how that works out.)


Patrice Bergeron
Sidney Crosby "A"
Ryan Getzlaf
Dany Heatley
Jarome Iginla "A"
Patrick Marleau
Brenden Morrow
Rick Nash
Corey Perry
Mike Richards
Eric Staal
Joe Thornton
Jonathan Toews

(That picture of Sidney Crosby as a little kid makes me wonder what went wrong. There are a few names on this list that I'm very happy about, and others that I'm pretty neutral on, but again we have a pretty good variety. Dany Heatley isn't exactly this year's best sportsman, but he's had an excellent season so we'll probably see some good results from him.)

So there you have it. Your Team Canada, and not a single really good roster shot among them. We'll see them in six weeks... maybe with more reactions from your friendly neighbourhood bloggers between now and then.

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