Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why are the Sabres so sharp?

Another pseudo-liveblog from Hab It Her Way.

Ryan Miller is apparently the best goalie in the NHL right now. Good, because he's terrible at pretending he's a gangster. (Photo from, and yes, big ups to him for hosting a 1920's themed charity event)

About halfway through the second period of the Montreal-Buffalo game: OK, so... this is our first post this gameday, and if I'd written anything before the game started, it would not have been a guess that Buffalo would play like this, and that our Habs would play like THAT.

Note to the city of Buffalo, NY: I want your Bills to win tonight. I do not want the Sabres to win. So unless there's some type of goal review and Terrell Owens gets credited with an assist or something, this is unacceptable. (As a sidenote: Go T.O!)

Three goals in like thirty seconds... it's just not representative of how this team has been playing over the last dozen games or so, but it's not like I can really pin anything down. They'll pull out of it, I know they will.

End of the second: So apparently in the time that it took me to switch televisions (I love my daddy, but he's got no faith in our boys tonight... typical male fan behaviour, although I can't say the thought didn't cross my mind, as tonight's the first new 30 Rock in two whole weeks) I missed an almost-goal by Ryan White. And there was no replay. Nurts.

Then, yes, Buffalo went for it again, but after that the unbelievable happened.

Scott Gomez scored.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? I've been hoping for something awesome from him since Saturday, when he taped that message on RDS, and this goal, even though it only brings us to 4-1, makes me pretty happy. It avoids us getting shut out, and it's good news since we've only had like two and a half shots on goal all game.

Third period: Jacques Martin has been looking worried for this whole game. Like, genuinely worried. It's not something I've seen often. If the coach is worried, how are his fans supposed to feel?
Oh, Tom Pyatt. You didn't mean to get a penalty and I know that, but still, ouch.
Props to Lapierre and White for having a legitimate shorthanded shot on goal. It was a good play.

... The Leafs are kicking Columbus' ass. What's wrong with the universe tonight?

Like, a million guys just invaded Jaroslav Halak's net. But one of them was Josh Gorges fishing out a puck that very nearly crossed the line. Phew.
Then Gorges has a second burst of awesome (he seems to have started just a tad later than usual tonight, but that's okay) and scores his second of the season. It's now 4-2. That margin's getting smaller.

2nd half of the third period: 5-2. I shake my fist at you, Sekera. The city of Buffalo does not need more chicken wings.

Go Mara go! He just fought Kaleta and (I'm going to say) won. He threw some pretty good punches. Got himself ejected from the game, but I'm going to say that he probably wouldn't have churned out a hat trick in the few remaining minutes of the game (very few people can) so whatever.

We just had a good minute or so in Buffalo's zone, with a few shots and some decent passing. Too bad there wasn't more of it earlier in the game.

Oh, 6-2? Are you kidding me? I am no longer friends with Mike Grier.

In closing: 6-2 for the Sabres. I don't know what the Sabres had for supper but I hope the Bills ate the same thing, and if there's more to be had, someone give some to the Habs so they can destroy the Bruins tomorrow.
I guess this is what happens when a weekday game doesn't start at 7:30 when it usually does, but 30 Rock is starting in a couple of minutes and I still got to watch the whole game, so I'm looking at a very thin silver lining while I wait for my show to start and hope Nos Glorieux get a good night's sleep.

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