Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pick up some Red Lobster on your way home: Game Preview 12-08

Czechtacular's a little on the busy side these days (send her good academic vibes!) so if she doesn't have time to write you a proper game preview, like the one you deserve to be reading right now, my tidbits about tonight's game at Scotiabank Place will have to do.

On the Habs side of things:

  • Jaroslav Halak will be in nets tonight, and I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of him soon with December's packed schedule. His last outing didn't go so well, and he's backing up a team that may be tired from last night, but they're also riding high from two wicked wins.
  • Back in White: (oh, boo yourself... my pun-writing skills just need some sharpening) #53 is back in Montreal after having been a Bulldog again for like, three days.
  • The upper-body injury that Paul Mara sustained yesterday has him out of the lineup tonight, so Jacques Martin has put Marc-AndrĂ© Bergeron back on the blue line and returned Tom Pyatt to the lineup.
  • Good show yesterday!
On the Sens side of things:
  • The Senators are coming back from their sunny California road trip (and we're assuming that all, except maybe Mr. Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher, avoided the glare of TMZ's flashbulbs). They might be a little worse for wear, with only one win in four games (including a loss against Dany Heatley's new friends the Sharks). They'll probably be hungry for a win, buoyed from their only win in Cali on Sunday against the Ducks.
  • While they may have lost on the road, the Sens have won their last five home games.
  • Ottawa still can't seem to work out its goalie issues, as #1 netminder Pascal Leclaire is still out with his accidentally broken cheek. (Quite the FML moment, if you ask us.)
  • Montreal's sweetheart Alex Kovalev, whom I expected to have an awesome season this year, isn't quite playing up to his own standards, with only four goals and ten assists this season.
  • Oh and also, Milan Michalek is Czech. (That's the only bullet point that I'm sure would have been in a game preview no matter which of us wrote it!)

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