Thursday, December 10, 2009

I shake my fist at you, Sergei Gonchar

These dudes look like nice guys. Too bad they weren't nice during tonight's game.

Some notes on tonight's 3-2 loss to the Penguins:

  • Overall, I really wanted the Habs to win this game, just to prove that the Penguins aren't necessarily the better team. (Maybe they are, but one thing still stands: our PK has been improving lately, and Pittsburgh's power play has about as much power as my cellphone right now.)
  • If someone had told me this morning that Evgeni Malkin and Tomas Plekanec would be the main players in the game's biggest fight, I wouldn't have believed them. Malkin and Pleks? Seriously?
  • It happened again that the Canadiens lost, but Carey Price played a good game. And the team didn't play that badly overall, which makes this loss sting even more.
  • Sergei Gonchar caused me pain today with the scoring of goals and whatnot. Almost as much pain as he must have experienced that time in Russia that Alex Ovechkin allegedly punched him in the face.
  • Ryan O'Byrne, why must you draw multiple penalties?
  • Renaud Lavoie's interview with Kris Letang after the first period had me reaching for my remote to make sure the TV didn't mute itself somehow. Low-talker much?
  • At least Crosby didn't make fools out of us again.

Today warrants some extra Bulldogs notes: Ryan White has been sent down. The Habs bosses' mistake in notifying the NHL of his callup will result in a fine. Yannick Weber was called up, but Spacek was cleared to play so we'll see Weber when we see him, I guess. (A raffle started yesterday awarding baskets of Bulldogs players' "Favourite Things," including a basket of Swiss chocolates selected by Weber. I want that basket, badly.) Benoit Pouliot was sent to Hamilton for conditioning purposes, and since we're clearly not getting rid of him before he gets any ice time, I can only assume that he's recovering from his injury and will eventually be ready for Bell Centre ice.

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