Friday, December 4, 2009

On the 100th birthday of our team

Happy 100th, Club de hockey Le Canadien.

You've thrilled and angered and united and divided this city for one hundred incredible years. You've survived political unrest, natural disasters, and a few fashion trends we'd like to forget. You've united people who might have otherwise been separated by language barriers or geography.

You've given us legends and memories.
You've given us NHL Guy Lafleur and Patrick Roy, Ken Dryden and Larry Robinson.
You've given us role models in Maurice Richard, the first NHL player whose talent and drive brought him to reach 50 goals in a season, and Jean BĂ©liveau, whose talent, leadership skills, and humility are only surpassed by his unbelievable kindness.
You've given Montreal 24 Stanley Cup parades and endless wins (and yes, some losses).

And still we want more. And we know and hope that for the next 100 years, maybe longer, our team will be there for us, to thrill and unite us, and make us every bit as crazy as we're capable of being.

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  1. I can't think of fashion trends we need to forget...



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