Thursday, May 27, 2010

Plus/Minus: perfect cure for the playoff hangover

It's been a hell of a season, and I'm sad it's over. At the same time, I'm kind of enjoying the rest and free time, as I'm sure our Habs are. I'm also quite sure that combining "time with friends" and "get out of the house to avoid American Idol" is something that only I, not an NHL player, would be happy about. They're probably enjoying the extra sleep and not needing to be on a plane every other day and whatnot. Meanwhile, fans everywhere are thisclose to pulling their hair out because of the lack of hockey and the Habs Inside/Out server crash.

Little-known fact: Scott Gomez uses these moments to unleash the meanest "yo momma" jokes in history.
(photo from

+ I'm sad that the season's over without some rings on our Habs' hands, but if you read my last post, you know how proud I am of my team.
+ An outdoor game between the Habs and Flames next season? Excuse us while we break out into song.
+ To our second-favourite country, the Czech Republic, winning the world championship.
Good job, guys!
+ A recent Gazette article said that stores selling Canadiens merch got a lot of requests from women who wanted lady Hab shirts in "the real colours" - this is a huge step in our crusade against pink hockey merch!
+ Here's to you, Jaroslav Halak. Habs fans love you more than you will know. (wo wo wo)
+ In addition to his arsenal of on-ice tricks, Mike Cammalleri unleashed a new weapon during the Flyers series: making crazy faces. We love it.
+ Maxim Lapierre for being an effective shit-disturber.
+ All the supporting players who've come out of the woodwork and helped the Habs get as far as they've come.
+ I've come under some heat for saying this, but I'd like to thank those morons in Philadelphia for restoring the good name of Habs fans.

(although, seriously, is there anything worse than losing to the Flyers?)
photo from Facebook via Bulldogs fan Scott Gardner, who I've never met but he seems to have had awesome Game 7 seats

- The Bulldogs lost too? Aw.
- Am I to honestly believe that in the months since the Habs took Dominic Moore, there hasn't been time to stand him against some white wall and take a picture? Why does he still have his Flo Panthers roster shot?
- "Start the season with injury and finish the season with injury." We miss you already, Marky! November seems so far away.
- If I may express personal opinion for a second (and I will, because this is my blog and you'll listen to every damn word I say), I hate Dustin Byfuglien. If that's how you spell it. I usually just call him "Fugli" and leave it at that.
- Alain Crete's new glasses make him look like some kind of hipster Mr. Magoo. I guess I'm glad the season's over.
- RIS gets a major minus for promising to air season postmortem interviews live on Tuesday. They did not.
- Twice now, the Moron Rioters have unleashed destruction upon downtown Montreal mere days before the Habs get eliminated from the playoffs. I'm just a bit too superstitious to let this slide one more time, so tell everyone you know that rioting makes the Habs lose.

The Winter Classic and Kyle Klubertanz purchase news are obvious attempts from the NHL to keep me writing, but I need to take a couple of days of "me" time, if only to get used to the sight of Jonathan Toews' mutton chops. I'll probably be back before you know it, but before I (briefly) go, I'd like to thank you readers for a great season! It's been a fun first season for me, and knowing that so many of you are reading and coming back to Hab It Her Way so often makes me try to be a better writer. Okay, sappy part over, sunbathey part begins!
See you at the end-of-season sale, maybe? If I don't see you here first?

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