Monday, May 17, 2010

A little ego boost

Guess what, Habs fans? We're not that bad! There's finally proof that there are people out there worse than Canadiens fans - and as you already know, we get a bad rap because of like, twenty guys. In the whole city. Regardless, look at what the Internet has given us: worse fans!

Sore loser in Pittsburgh: I'd say this was a joke, but it didn't really make me laugh, so I'm not sure. Also if you read the tags this guy used to make his video searchable, you will see that he can't spell "illegal," making him either an excellent citizen or a terrible speller.

City of Brotherly... what's that nickname again? It only took two days for Philly to prove how excellent (?) its fans are. Aside from all the chanting and whatnot during Sunday's game (which I'll leave out of this argument, simply because Montreal's had its share of arena jerkstores), so far the fans have:

  • Vandalized Pat Hickey's car while it was parked outside the Wachovia Center. Even if you think that Dave Stubbs is clearly the better writer, that's a little extreme;
  • Vandalized Canadian TV trucks, by (amongst other things) pouring beer onto electrical components, because clearly they don't know how much it costs to put something on TV;
  • Told a francophone TV guy to "go back home," whilst wearing their Gagné and Brière jerseys. So, um, good job, Mme Brière, for encouraging your husband to play in a city safer than Montreal.
  • If I forgot anything, feel free to add to it in the comments.
Destruction of property in a stadium parking lot? Premeditated targets? Guys with jerseys and beer? These acts were clearly perpetrated by motivated hockey fans, not just opportunistic yahoos like the guys who went insane on Ste. Cat last week. They were trying to send a message, and I think that message is pretty clear:
Montreal fans have to deal with a lot of bad press. Clearly, we could be a lot worse.

So now you know. Thanks for the help, Philly!

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  1. Another Twitter update from Dave Stubbs: "So Flyers fans roughed up Canadian cameraman postgame, damaging his equipment. IN the arena."


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