Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Game 7 is upon us

... I'm nervous. I may have to pop some Rolaids before this game starts.

Mike Cammalleri: the reason why all of Pittsburgh is quiet

What's there to say? The Canadiens are the little team that could, somehow surpassing all expectations and living up to their century of legends at the same time. They made Washington nervous. They made Pittsburgh nervous. They may even have caused a couple of locker-room tears. (One can only hope... and laugh.)

Whatever happens, once this game is over thousands of crazy fans will pour out of both the Mellon Arena and the Bell Centre (completely sold out, by the way, there isn't a ticket to be had anywhere for tonight's screening) and some kind of insanity will probably go down. Hopefully not too much property damage will occur (and only to people that deserve it, like the retailers who badmouth the Canadiens while selling team merchandise).

This could be the game of the season. It will likely be the game that defines next season. And maybe, one can only hope, that it will be the game that ultimately proves that the Penguins can never, ever be sure of a win against the Habs.

I'm going to be sitting on pins and needles until this game is over.

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