Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Come on home

If you're a Habs fan, you're probably swearing your ass off re: two consecutive shutouts. Against the Flyers, of all teams. It's a nightmare. I know.

Somehow, the Canadiens' loss isn't what's getting to me the most right now. It's who we lost to. Since when are the Flyers known for their scoring prowess or their fantastic goaltending? Since when do the Habs let their playoff opponent walk all over them? Ugh. It really is always ugly in Philadelphia. I'm inclined to say the Habs are getting scared, as proven by Jacques Martin's somewhat questionable roster choices (we have a guy who's 6'5" and learning how to hit people, and yet he hasn't seen his uniform in almost a week).

It's okay. The Habs will wake up from this nightmare once they get back to Montreal. They'll learn to douche it up and fight fire with fire, and they'll be on home ice, hearing some real olé olés in a stadium that doesn't look like the inside of an unattractive jack-o'-lantern.
I mean, seriously, Flyers fans? Using "Don't Stop Believing" as your fight song? That song belongs to a) the Detroit Red Wings and b) every sports team ever. Mocking our olé olé chant? Are you just doing that because you know we can't reciprocate at the Bell Centre, because you don't have a real chant? What do they even say in Philly? "Go Flyers?" "Hey, did you guys know we have a hockey team?" I'm pretty sure I saw Peter Laviolette tell one of his players to "sweep the leg," and then blow a bubble with his gum. I'm so over that city.
After The Karate Kid, these guys were hired by Flyers management. True story.

Usually, when RDS makes an ad for an upcoming hockey game, it'll start with a picture of a star player, like the Halak and Crosby ads during the last series. The ad they ran for Thursday's game featured a clip of Habs fans in the stands. The Habs will come back to Montreal, and they'll have a 21, 273-player advantage.

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