Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sorry, mommies.

Apologies to the Habs' moms, who maybe would have liked a win the day before Mother's Day. I guess they have to settle for flowers. And the satisfaction of knowing that Sidney Crosby's mom might be crying because her son, the Avatar of hockey players, couldn't score in an empty net. (If Momsby exists, that is, because all I hear about is his wackjob of a dad, although I think once my mom said there was an article about his mom in like, Homemakers or one of those magazines that mothers tend to read.)

One major reason behind the Habs' loss tonight: At some point, Marc-André Fleury looked at that other goalie across the ice and was like "Okay, yeah, if Jaro can do it, I can totally do it. I have a gold medal, after all." (Don't tell his mom he got that gold medal for free, or that it might be made from Ferrero Rocher wrappers.)

So, if you're disappointed by this loss, just think of Jaroslav Halak leading by example. Or think of the fact that apparently Habs-Pens 2010 is similar to Isles-Pens 1993 (that's what told me), and I think you guys know why comparisons to the 1993 playoffs would make a Habs fan smile.
Or, just think of the tremendous facial hair going on these playoffs. I'm still expecting the best out of my team, but tonight they forced me to settle for a consolation prize. And that was assessing whose facial hair was most creative.

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