Sunday, May 2, 2010

Round Two: One to one

Final score, 3-1 for Montreal.
Take THAT, Penguins! Pittsburgh can keep trying to kill our defencemen one by one, but we'll just have to get out revenge by winning games. And just because the Habs are gentlemen, there will probably be no murder of Penguins. That's animal cruelty.

K, but if you run into this guy, do whatever you want

So as it turns out, even the evil NBC and their programming ways can't get the best of our Habs. (I almost want to think that this Sunday game happened to tire the Habs out a little, because NBC is apparently terrified of even the remotest possibility of two Canadian teams making it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Because two Canadian hockey teams playing each other would make for bad television? Dear major American networks: you can't judge that anymore. Love, Rookie. PS: If you need extra help around the office, I'm willing to relocate.) 

Oh, and by the way, there's a reason why Pittsburgh is trying to kill every defenceman Montreal has. First, I thought that by going after my absolute favourite current Canadien, Matt Cooke was just campaigning for Douchebag of the Year. But no. It's because the defence is doing exactly what it needs to do. There are still a lot of shots on goal, yes, but with dudes like Evgeni Malkin and That Tim Hortons Mascot on the opposing team, I'm not surprised. When's the last time you heard someone complain about Hal Gill? Certainly not this week, unless the person complaining is a moron. The defence is there, the team is still in it, and all the guys that Bob Gainey bought over the summer are looking like excellent purchases.

By the way, I'm starting a baseball team and Mike Cammalleri is the first guy I'm calling.


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