Saturday, May 22, 2010

Game preview: Habs v Flyers, Game 4

100th game of the 100th year... Good going, Habs!

No, I don't know what's up with a Saturday afternoon game either. I hate afternoon games because I always forget what time it is, and assuming it's around 10:00 once the game ends, I feel just a bit sleepier than I did three hours earlier, even though I haven't had supper yet.

In any case, the Habs turned their game around on Thursday (killing my Videotron feed and my recorded TV shows in the process, of course) so things are definitely looking better than they did a few days ago. So here's what to watch out for:

  • Will Michael Leighton want revenge?
  • The Battle of the 13's: There's a lot of speculation about unfinished business between Mike Cammalleri and Daniel Carcillo, whose mustache is apparently to be feared, although Pouliot-stache was much cooler. RIP, Pouliot-stache.
  • Speaking of Carcillo, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone's favourite troublemaker Max Lapierre got all up in his face today. (Carcillo: "I don't understand when he talks sometimes!" Me: "Then move to Arizona but stay away from the Coyotes!")
  • And speaking of Lapierre, now that Ian Laperriere has been cleared to play, I'm sure American commentators are shaking at the prospect of having to pronounce both names properly.
  • Finally, the Habs' supporting cast will probably continue their upswing from last game. Go Habs Go!
Edit: it's almost game time and yes, it looks like my sister's favourite Jeff Carter will be taking the ice even though he's still broken, and that Carcillo's been left out of the lineup. I will not make any assumptions about him being scared.
Pregame shows for this game:
RDS: The usual - entire reporting staff is outside wearing headsets, talking about absolutely everything that could possibly be discussed. Fans cheering in background.
CBC: Toronto FC.
NBC: Gymnastics.
Yes, gymnastics.

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