Monday, May 31, 2010

Something to look out for over the next few weeks...

While pre-development and post-draft and pre-training camps along with the ever-tumultuous free agency season will surely keep your writers busy over the coming months, we still need to commemorate the year that was. So we're getting a leg up on the NHL's actual hardware session with a series of our own recognitions.
Our first and second categories, which you get to help choose, are the following:

Roster shots are our first impressions. Impressions that can be brightened by an eager smile or flattened by robotic poses. A couple of ~czechtacular favourites highlight the "best" category (simply because each of them made me laugh out loud, otherwise you'd see four Plekanec heads, okay), but the randoms are worth noting if not for their happiness to actually be sitting there (notions that ex-Habs Tanguay and Streit seem to have undervalued) but also for their epic hairdos. While Boston's photographers seem to have ignored the "allocated head-room" rule by including way more grey than necessary in their shots, and we still don't know why the Habs insisted on posing like they were covering something, photographic style was not an element included in the "worst" category (Tanguay, though, provided the best "Robot" of the Lightning).

Unless you want to look through 27 pages of gettyimages and tell me I'm missing someone, have a go at voting for (or against) these!


  1. I have voted! But still need to catch up aha...Might skip a few since I won't have time to read any over the next three months...

  2. Ahahaha this is a great idea! Peterson and Dekanich got my votes.


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