Sunday, November 29, 2009

Plus Minus: Habnormally Positive?

Before I delve into the week that was, a moment of silence for Rookie's favourite J.T. (I'll give you a hint, he doesn't sing) having gone back down to Hamilton earlier today.

A big, BIG plus for Markov's news.
+ Coming away with 3 of 6 points against strong adversaries this week.
+3 ... for not backing down in any of those games, despite giving up the lead in all of them.
+ Not letting Rick Nash eat us.
+ Carey Price coming up huge off his Second Star of the Week performance.
+ Maxim Lapierre's quote on the heated practice-time exchange between Gorges and Cammalleri. Too much love, indeed.
+ What looks like a resurgence by Max Pacioretty into last season's form.
+ Injured dudes making their way back into the lineup, slowly but surely. Spacek was one, now it looks like Gomez might return.
+ Paul Mara the Alouettes fan.

Having to say hello and goodbye to the callups. Come back soon, little ones.
- Poor Jaro, forgotten about again. Some might call this a good minus because there's no "controversy" this way, but notice how much is said in the reverse situation compared to how it is now?
- Tomas Plekanec in the faceoff dot. He only won 3 of 19 against Pittsburgh, and you saw how the 3rd period ended last night.
- Dave Jackson out for the season. There aren't many zebra-men I don't feel much wrath for on a regular basis.
- Matt D'Agostini still on the sidelines after a couple of maybes and almosts.

Apparently my caffeine intake has gotten the better of me because I'm never usually this thrilled after a week we lost two games out of three.

Oh, and I almost forgot:

The obvious biggest news of the week (that I didn't really forget but was just testing to see if you had): Latendresse's departure to Minnesota in return for Pouliot. I still say it's an even trade, having followed both guys since WJC '06. Gui, for his part, has scored a goal, and we wish him all the best in scoring more (just not enough to put Minnesota ahead of Calgary in the Northwest, mind you), and also that Pouliot's wrist gets better in time for him to show us why he was picked 4th in the '05 Draft.

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