Thursday, November 5, 2009

Big Bad Bruins? ...Bitch please.

Tonight we saw what was very nearly a win in regulation time, and a pretty nice shutout, but in the closing moments of the game Patrice Bergeron went and scored and screwed everything up, as guys with bad facial hair often tend to do.

Even though we had to wait a little longer for the win, there was tons to watch during tonight's game:
  • Did anyone else feel kind of strange seeing Lapierre face off against Begin? Mere months ago they were buddies, hitting the town together, comparing home renovations, all that stuff. It was just strange.
  • Speaking of Beg, he definitely didn't go for a Komisarek kind of revenge tonight, but as we know he's pretty good at being aggressive. He seemed to go after Paul Mara pretty intensely for a while, probably because of "You stole my number!"-related frustration, boosted by a potential rivalry about who can grow a better beard. (Sound off in the comments!)
  • Is it bad to say that even though I like our roster as it is, I still miss Steve Begin? I usually don't care when players from the opposing team get interviewed but I was so happy to see him.
  • Not so much punching, but a few decent checks and some words exchanged. Is it weird that I get entertained by arguments when I should be cheering for fights?
  • Good job lifting the net and pretending you got a decent goal, Bruins. The next time I play Trivial Pursuit, I'm definitely not calling you.
  • Glen Metropolit played a heck of a game, didn't he? He's a workhorse and I'm actually really surprised by how much I've grown to like him.
  • Is Andrei Kostitsyn back for real? Because if we can get even just a few more plays like that wraparound in the first period, I might have to take up tap dancing. Pure brilliance.
  • I was hoping for the best in this, beloved Bulldog Ryan White's first NHL game, and he didn't disappoint. He picked up his first point and had a good game overall. The RDS men said it best: he'll be in the Bell Centre against Tampa on Saturday, not against Binghamton tomorrow. (Sucks to be me.)
  • I don't know why Mathieu Carle was on the ice in the last two minutes of the game... Boston was clearly trying to score and no offense, but it's his second game as a Canadien. There's no way he was prepared for something so big. But I'm not a coach, so it's quite possible that there are people out there who disagree with me.
And finally, I maybe didn't get my wish of a magic sudden flu felling yet another Bruin, but I did get my wish of a solid goalie backing up a solid team. I know the Bruins were missing some of their best guys, but I still think the Canadiens played pretty dominantly especially considering they were outshot 39 to 23. Carey Price made some great saves during the game (his 50th career win - yay for milestones!) and then was as good as one could want him to be during the shootout. Boston was obviously bolstered by their last-minute (literally) goal, but Price and Cammalleri kept us from potential embarrassment. Now can people just be happy?

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