Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kladno vs. Kladno, Round II

I'm not entirely sure if the issues with the carpet used to award Carey Price with October's Molson Cup before the game is what caused the entire ice surface to become World's Biggest Pinball Machine for 60 minutes, but it was the setting for a 5-4 loss to Ondrej Pavelec (him again!) and the Thrashers last night.

Being down the way they were at the end of the first period, I was almost ready to re-live the dreadful Pittsburgh game. But the offense came out to play. Cammalleri missed an opportunity and grabbed it back. Gionta broke free of whatever kryptonite has been holding him back for the last 6 or so games. And Plekanec scored a beauty against his fellow Kladno native.

...any excuse to post this, I'll admit

But as much as these guys were present, the defense was not. Jaro Spacek sometimes makes nifty plays to keep the puck in at the blueline, but more often than not he keeps letting it slip away. Mathieu Carle, personal bias aside (ex-Rouyn Noranda piece of the puzzle that squashed Drummondville's 25th season playoff hopes, among other crimes, but despite this has still pretty much been overrated his entire career, in my honest and humble opinion) did not have a stellar NHL debut. And I still don't understand why Bergeron is a Hab. Presence on the power play? Sure, we need one. But with all the delay of game penalties (Hamr, I'm looking at you) and other silly infractions, that becomes void. And anyway, if we're using that logic we may as well buy back Pierre Dagenais for the shootout. Would you?

The ~czechtacular household balancing act between Dancing With the Stars and the game prevents me from making further comments about how the game ended. But while I openly tend to lean in favour of Halak, it really is ridiculous how differently the team plays in front of him versus how they play in front of Price. Poor guy, honestly. Mike Boone suggests that maybe Pavelec should try playing behind Carle and Bergeron. Good point, well made. Not that the Atlanta Thrashers' defensemen are world-renowned themselves, but at least they defend their goaltender like NHLers should.

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