Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pictures from Habs-Thrashers

First, some recent news:
Ryan O'Byrne is skating again. Yay! No word on whether post-injury O'B will be able to continue his preseason trend of slowly increasing awesomeness.
Hal Gill's injury (the one that doctors advised him to "shut it down," which is apparently not just a 30 Rock quote but also real medical lingo) is a hairline fracture in his foot (I don't know which bone). He's out 2-3 weeks, it seems.
Rumours that Bob Gainey has spoken to Chris Chelios... thus increasing our chances of seeing his adorable parents on TV.
Confirmed: Matt D'Agostini does indeed have a concussion. We'll have to see how he comes back from it... I'm still using Andrew Ladd as my scapegoat for everything this season.
Bad Ladd's captain Jonathan Toews skated with the Blackhawks for the first time today since his own concussion. This isn't confirmed but I have it on good authority that Ladd asked Toews how he was doing, and Toews quickly snapped back "Gee, I don't know. Why don't you ask Matt D'Agostini?" Ladd was reportedly taken aback that a dude recovering from a concussion could come up with a comeback so quickly.
After last night's game, Mike Cammalleri told reporters something that the city probably needs to know (or be reminded of) about recent Habs losses: "It's not Carey." Right to the point, that Cammy.

Something to look forward to for tomorrow's game: Ryan White, one of my favourite Hamilton Bulldogs, and Tom Pyatt, one of the pieces of the epic Scott Gomez trade puzzle, have been called up to the Canadiens. Not that I'm not happy about it, but is Bob Gainey serious? I think White is awesome. I don't have tickets to Habs-Bruins tomorrow. I do, however, have tickets to the Hamilton-Binghamton game at the Bell Centre on Friday. So now, two days before the only Bulldogs game of the season to be played in my hometown, they call up one of the guys I was most excited to see.

Thrashers goalie Kari Lehtonen will be out for 6-8 weeks, but I doubt Atlanta fans are too worried because as we've seen, Ondrej Pavelec can hold down the fort pretty well. Speaking of last night's Kladno vs Kladno / 31 vs 31 matchup, I've got a few pictures for you, mostly focusing on post-goal celebrations and lost helmets. I asked my sister permission to post these, but if she didn't hear me, well, it's not like I didn't ask.

Molson Cup winner Carey Price, whose last few games made people forget a pretty impressive start of season. (Yes, I know that Gionta and Cammalleri also exist.) I may have said that I'm not completely in love with the new mask, but I'm betting that Carey's pretty grateful for Jacques Plante in light of that save he made with his face last night.

The Rocket Richard jersey that Julie Payette brought to space. Someone please tell Guy Laliberte that this is how you do space travel in style.

Tomas Plekanec's epic fist-pump.

Evander Kane, who Joel Bouchard expressed his love for. Thanks, Joel, it's only been like five months since the kid got drafted, but I'm glad you have also decided that he's good at this hockey thing.

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