Monday, November 2, 2009

Plus Minus: Tricks and treats

Another week of taking the good with the bad, of getting chased after by Scary New Komo but beating his team in the end, of being terrified that Jacques Martin knows so much foul language but knowing that he uses it for our own good.
(homemade screencap by my co-blogger, whose name explains why she made it)

+ Roman Hamrlik had a heck of a week, and we like it when he has good weeks. Being credited with that goal against the Leafs and then reacting like he just won a million dollars on Christmas would have been enough for a plus. And then I remembered his game-winning goal from Monday (what? it was a long time ago) and yeah, we should pretty much buy him a cake or something.
+ Cammalleri, Gomez, and Halak saving the Leafs game in a shootout.
+ Dave Stubbs, for including multiple Jay-Z references in an article this weekend. I could have only hoped to write something as creative (if only because my Halloween puns got awfully tired, but don't worry, that time of year is over).
+ Our friend Ava wrote a great blog post on the language issue and how the francophone community is relating it to the NHL - it's funny, passionate, and level-headed, unlike many people arguing in this debate. (You'll have to scroll down a little for "La langue francaise & le CH") Oh, and she also designed the wicked title graphic you see before you, so yeah, we owe her a lot.

- Thanks, Sidney Crosby. (That was sarcasm, by the way.)
- 2 for injuries to Matt D'Agostini and apparently as of today Hal Gill (say what you want about that one, but I for one am not happy about losing another player, especially on D). Also Georges Laraque's back is acting up again, and if those vertebrae were a person I'd yell at them.
- I may have just mentioned the D'Agostini injury, but Andrew Ladd still sucks for hitting him and I'm giving him a minus in lieu of a verbal thrashing, and he only gets a hypothetical verbal thrashing because he's bigger than me and I can't throw a good punch.

I'm not a girly girl, but a fashion plus/minus is in order:
+ to the guy in Chicago who went to the game in his Naslund sweater, clearly a cherished childhood item that he squeezed into out of love for the game... and maybe its too-short sleeves.
- to Alain Crete for the tan suede jacket which looks alright, I guess, on L'Antichambre, but which czechtacular and I decided is just a bit too heinous for any kind of serious sports journalism.

And in closing, here's hoping that tomorrow's game against the Thrashers is another nailbiter (even though it's up against the premiere of V, which sci-fi fans have only been talking about for eons) because my sister gets to go to the game... no, she's not bringing me, but that's okay. (She's getting her revenge because I didn't let her come to last year's Habs-Flames shoutfest with my friends she doesn't regularly speak to.)

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