Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I saw a ghost today in Brossard

Hey, Georges. Been a while. What's going on?

Laraque and Ryan O'Byrne skated at practice this morning, and both stayed after most of the team was gone for some extra drills.
According to Habs Inside/Out, O'Byrne probably won't be playing until the weekend. I'd rather have a fully healed defenceman on the ice than someone who think he's well enough to play and risks aggravating the injury and missing even more games later on in the season, but the longer he stays away from the ice, the harder it'll be to get back up to speed, so... I don't know.
According to me, Laraque did some errands after the practice. I was surprised to see him at practice, so obviously I was in slight disbelief when I walked into a store and saw Georges Laraque. So, uh, I'd like to extend my thanks to the buyer at Future Shop in Quartier Dix30 for not ordering what we were looking for and making us go to another store.

Brian Gionta is still out (apparently he was limping a little at last night's Pour toujours les Canadiens premiere) so his spot on the expensive first line will be taken by Glen Metropolit, who took to the net and played some baseball this morning at practice. No, seriously. I don't have any good pictures to show you, but he picked up his stick and started batting away pucks. What a guy.

Carey Price is in nets tonight, and we'll see if he'll be as stellar on home ice as he's been the last two games. (Personally, I hope so... not only for the team but just to show those people who call themselves fans and say they don't jump on bandwagons, but still call their favourite team "garbage" and refuse to watch tonight's game. Yes, if you're wondering, I've actually met someone like that, who seems to think that the Habs are a later season of Heroes.)

Tom Kostopoulos is back in town, and we'll see if I still miss the scrappy, unintentionally funny workhorse.

Sergei Samsonov is back in town (I think) and we'll see if he has yet passed the statute of limitations for booing of former Habs.

Here are some of my pictures:

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