Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rookie learns something new every day

I'll be honest, I missed most of last night's game against the Red Wings. Bad Rookie. (And to make things worse, I had actually tried to get tickets to that game, to no avail.) In my defence, I wanted to watch Canadiens Express on RDS after I got home, I really did, but I had forgot that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was hosting Saturday Night Live. That last bit might make no sense to you, but it basically translates to "awesome day for Rookie."

We lost to the Red Wings, and I know that they weren't having the most explosive season of all time, but neither are we, and in recent seasons Detroit has been more successful than us anyway. I don't need to explain what happens when Pavel Datsyuk hits the ice.

I'm just surprised that we couldn't score more often on a goalie named Clint Jimmy Howard.

I also didn't know that drawing a six-minute penalty was possible. Does this mean I should thank Georges Laraque for enlightening me?

Now that we lost, is whatever's left of Team Halak (you know, the people who root for Jaro because they actually like him all the time, not just when it's most convenient) going to get another day in the sun? Will #31 be watching from off-ice again? Is the goalie controversy/firestorm/excuse to sell newspapers and ad time going to come back with a vengeance?

Is Travis Moen awesome or misguided because he played on an injury?

Is the new "all eggs in one basket" line of Cammalleri-Plekanec-Kostitsyn the best idea that Jacques Martin has had, or will that much awesome cancel itself out?

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  1. The last paragraph reminds me of a picture I took yesterday for kathini aha


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