Friday, October 2, 2009

Open Season

Photo: Habs Inside Out

Canadiens won their season opener, and we beat the Leafs on their home ice, and Josh Gorges scored the game-winning goal. The night was filled with moments that made czechtacular turn to me and say "We HAVE to blog that." It was like a dream come true.

Except for the fact that it was a close game that would have been better won in regular time (as long as Gorges still scored the GWG) and Andrei Markov had to be helped off the ice.

I gave Mike Komisarek the benefit of the doubt all summer. I bought his story about wanting a change of scenery. I held my breath for the entire five minutes between hearing that he was close to signing with another team and finding out that he was a Leaf. I listened to "Don't Speak" a bunch of times. I wondered who in this city could have made him leave, and what they did. I ignored all the player haters who turned their backs on him faster than it would actually take someone to physically turn around.
And then in one game, he did more punching than I remember seeing him do ever last season... even against the Rangers... even against the Leafs. I mean, I guess I can understand why he'd have beef with Scott Gomez, but he's never been that mean. When he speared Andrei Markov I could practically hear my own disappointment.

And speaking of Markov, my favourite Canadien is out three to four months because of an accidental injury. (I can't even blame this on Evil New Komo! I wish I could.)
As if it wasn't bad enough that a random stomachache felled me near the end of the game, not even being able to fully enjoy (yes, I'll say it again) a game-winning goal by Josh Gorges. It's almsot 24 hours later and I don't feel any better... I left work early, came home, buried myself in blankets and Kleenex and found we've got no Markov until after Christmas.

At least I didn't have to be operated, flown back to Montreal with my ankle in a cast and the rest of me in a wheelchair.

Get well soon, Marky!

(and a happy belated birthday to Jacques Martin, who got a pretty nice gift. In case the Canadiens are wondering, my birthday's in April.)

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  1. Is this the stomach ache that never ended?



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