Friday, October 9, 2009

New Monument Unveiled Today

... and I like it!

There were some barricades around it when I passed by Centennial Plaza this evening, but I was still able to get in close enough. A mere three weeks ago in that spot all there was, was a foot-high platform. Now there's an adorable circle of bricks decorated by children and a tall black stone slab topped with a giant (bordering on too big, but really just right) full-colour CH logo. Engraved on the sides of the slab are paragraphs and lists honouring the heroes of our team's first 100 years as well as the players who may have spent a bit less time in the spotlight but who gave Montreal all they had, no matter how many minutes they played.

No monument is complete without an epic historical paragraph. And no epic historical paragraph is complete without Jean Beliveau's name. So far so good!

One side honours the winners of NHL trophies.

The part everyone knew about: listing the names of every Canadiens player from the team's first century.

I'm pretty proud that I managed to get the names of legends Dickie Moore and Howie Morenz in the same picture as the names of our beloved current assistant coach AND the most likable personality on RDS, five-time Hab Dave Morissette.

This is where I have a rookie moment, because I didn't know that there was a Craig Ferguson who wore the CH, and as a TV fan I can't help but ask if he can crack a joke.

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