Saturday, October 24, 2009

I think I know you...

Previously on Montreal Canadiens...

A little boy grew up wanting to play for the Canadiens, but no, this one wasn't born in Quebec. He was a New York boy who played for Yale (yes, that Yale, the one Rory Gilmore went to) before moving on up to his NHL dream team. He played a few pretty good seasons, then he scored his first hat trick, then everything went to hell during the less-than-legendary centenary season of Nos Glorieux. He got a little sloppy, he got lots of bad press (which he may or may not have brought upon himself but it's not my place to judge and it's not yours either) and he got booed. 

Then he got traded.

Right before he was set to become an RFA he was a major player in an epic trade to the New York Rangers that saw them saving quite a few pennies by giving Scott Gomez to Montreal. He was also separated from one of his best friends, a guy named Mike who we're told moved to Toronto but we don't recognize him anymore.

And now, that little boy, Christopher Higgins, comes back here. (We'd say home but New York is where his daddy is.) And he brings with him two assists, a blue jersey, and long, centre-parted TV host hair.

He also brings with him Sean Avery, so I sincerely hope that you all have taken the necessary precautions against swine flu.

I guess we'll see what kind of a homecoming this is. Will Higgy punch his former friends? Will Gomez forget which net he's supposed to score in? We'll find out tonight.

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