Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween fun: because there's nothing that scary about a maple leaf, honestly.

What's scarier than getting frozen by the Penguins during a game where at least a few fans were hoping that Hal Gill would pull a Mike Komisarek? Halloween night.

(Yes, I changed the subject, because I just don't want to think about last night's final score.)

So, some of you get to dress up and trick or treat (you know, if you're young enough, which I wish I was), others get to party, but this Halloween there's one thing we're looking forward to: a Habs-Leafs rematch which is expected, as usual, to be a thriller. (Yes, I just said "Thriller" in a Halloween post. No, I'm not ashamed. Yes, I would probably have made that joke before the unfortunate passing of Mr. Jackson.) At first I thought that maybe this game was the reason why Mike Komisarek signed with Toronto: let's face it, there's nothing more scary/funny than a Hab dressed up as a Leaf. I figured maybe on November 1st, Komo would rip off that blue-and-white monstrosity, revealing a bleu-blanc-rouge and cackling "haHA! Gotcha, bitches! I'm back!" (I have since abandoned that idea.)

But that doesn't mean that a Habs fan can't have a little Halloween fun. You can wear your Canadiens shirt and watch the game, but add a few accessories and it's (almost kind of) a costume you can wear while watching the game. 

"I got Lapierre."

So, whose name have you got on the back of your shirt?
Scott Gomez? Stuff your pockets with money and throw on a warm scarf and a sombrero (or a lucha libre mask, if you prefer) in honour of everyone's favourite rich Mexican-Alaskan.
Carey Price? A cowboy hat. But as I've learned during my Halloween shopping this year, they were easier to find at the beginning of the month. You might luck out at a hidden-away Dollarama.
Or, whether you've got a Price or a Halak shirt, you could run to a sports store and get an old-school, Jason Voorhees kind of goalie mask.
Tomas Plekanec? A turtleneck under your jersey, and a cupcake with a candle in it. October 31st is your birthday, and nothing else!
Georges Laraque? (If you bought a Laraque jersey, between last season's injuries and this season's apparent scandals, I would get... my money back, but that's just a thought.) If you happen to be a dog owner, guess who's coming to the party? You should also carry around a celery stick, so you look just vegan enough without the Bugs Bunny comparisons that a carrot would surely bring.
Guillaume Latendresse? Keep some snacks in your pocket. (And no, I'm not judging. There's at least three snacks in my purse right now. Maybe four, if I didn't eat that apple.)
Brian Gionta? Supernatural abilities. Okay, I don't know how to put that into an accessory.
Andrei Markov? Wrap some bandages around your ankle, and carry around Kleenex in case the people around you burst into tears.
Hal Gill? A slightly tacky Stanley Cup ring and stilts. Be ready to hide in case the people around you are angry about the Pittsburgh game.
Andrei Kostitsyn? Make sure any siblings you have are not in attendance.

Do you want to pull your "outdated" Habs shirt or jersey out of mothballs?
If you're wearing a player who was recently let go, just carry around a plane ticket and a drink with one of those little umbrellas in it. Anyplace where you have the slightest chance of walking down the street without getting stopped for an autograph probably seems like a vacation compared to Montreal.
Oh, but if you want to wear your old Komisarek shirt, this is probably your last chance, so get some devil horns and one of those plastic retractable knives to stab any current Habs in the back with.

Happy Halloween, everyone. you've got two days to finish up your accessories and hope that the Canadiens scare Chicago and exorcise the Leafs from the Bell Centre.

(and P.S. no, these pictures aren't mine, copyright bla bla)

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  1. Ahahaha my siblings were NOT in attendance at my halloween partay!!

    This post made me actually laugh....out loud...aha yes



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