Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Les boys are back in town

It couldn't come soon enough. After three consecutive losses, a homecoming must feel pretty good for our Habs right about now. (Ssshhhh, I'm imagining a Montreal without player haters, which is pretty tough these days...)

Welcome home, boys, we missed you. I did, at least. If I was still working retail I'd be on my toes hoping for a tall athletic customer to brighten my day between fielding complaints over the phone and answering endless questions from the creepy old men.

And a special welcome to Shawn Belle (the defenceman, not to be confused with soap opera characters), who's been assigned the spot vacated by the now-in-Hamilton Yannick Weber, who I'm hoping to see again soon at some point (but I'm also hoping to make a quick Ontario trip sometime soon).

The brightest news of the week is that there's a game on Thursday. Less than 48 hours!

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