Sunday, October 25, 2009

A hat trick of Plus/Minuses

I'm trying very hard to write an actual Plus Minus here, and not just turning on Caps Lock and typing CAMMALLERI HAT TRICK until my fingers get numb.

So, this week the Canadiens posted three wins at home, including last night's thriller against the New York Rangers, and in honour of that I'm introducing some pictures to Plus Minus:

+ 3 for three consecutive wins, including our first in regulation time
+ the return of Glen Metropolit, which seems to have been some kind of boost to us winning, or at least a pretty impressive coincidence.
+ Scott Gomez gave us three of his best games so far. I'm not claiming I did anything, but this performance streak seems to have started after I watched his One Life To Live video multiple times. (What? I needed a laugh.)
+ Kyle Chipchura definitely earned a plus by playing one of his best games as a Hab last night.
+ Brian Gionta's shootout goal, which introduced a new word into our lexicon...
+ I hate to sound all goofy and egocentric, but can I give a Plus to myself? This week both Hab It Her Way girls invented new adjectives to describe game action: Rookie's "Giontastic" and Czechtacular's "Cammazing," the latter coined after a star turn by...
+ Mike Cammalleri. As mentioned by Red Fisher in today's newspaper, Cammy's been doing very well in his temporary role as assistant captain, and he played some good games against the Thrashers and Islanders, and then THAT HAT TRICK. Wow. To put it briefly, the player who had me making graphics like this during the off-season:

has lived up to my expectations so far:

But obviously, it's not always peaches and cream and Cammalleri.

- Are you serious? There's MORE drama to be had on the Sergei Kostitsyn front? Between the rumours that he and Gomez fought, and the Balloon Boy-esque drama that had us wondering if he was halfway back to Europe already, then getting interrupted in mid-thought by the news that no, there is nothing wrong, I've officially grown tired of hearing about athletes pulling diva fits like they're on The Hills or something. (And no, I have never watched that show and I never, ever will.)
- Too many fans and journalists (read: more than zero) talking about a "goalie controversy." I know that wondering who our #1 netminder is gives you something to talk and write about, and that without a competitive spirit there would be no sports, but I still don't get why no one is happy with having two goalies who are young and able to turn out insane saves and wins.
- Chris Higgins' hair. I hate to say anything negative about the guy, but... that hair. It just wasn't good. If he's going to have it at that colour and length, he should at least attempt some kind of Matthew McConaughey brush-back, because that centre part isn't doing anyone any favours.
- Sorry, John Tavares. You probably hate Montreal right now, and I kind of feel bad because you're a good kid and all. Please don't try to exact any revenge on us. Sincerely, a fellow rookie.



    ...actually, they probably started before round two of my rum-and-coke adjectives' invention challenge.

    Poor, poor Higgy. Nick Carter bangs is no one's idea of a good time.

    I'm an OLTL regular but not because of ScoGo. He should definitely make another cameo, though.

  2. Nick Carter! That's the hair!

    Also, I'd like to make an addition because I accidentally omitted something: A plus to a certain Minnesota Wild player who's picked up the Captain Koivu torch. It makes my eyes well up a little.

  3. Just a little?



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